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Data Classification

If your data is not classified and sensitive data can be found everywhere, here is what you can do

Service Description

Data security violations occur when organizations do not know their data, including where it lives and how it needs to be protected. To “know your data” means understanding where all sensitive data is located. According to Forrester, data privacy professionals such as Data Privacy Officers (DPO), cannot effectively protect customer, employee, and corporate information if they do not know the following: • Which data exists across the organization? • Where exactly it resides? • What are their value and risk to the organization? • Which compliance regulations are governing the data? • Who is allowed to access and to use the data? This service creates a consistent process that identifies and tags all sensitive information, wherever it resides across the organization. It also separates and organizes data into relevant groups (“classes”), based on their shared characteristics: level of sensitivity, risks they present, and compliance regulations that protect them.


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