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Secure Development Life Cycle

This service will help you protect the development process by building security into it

Service Description

The digital transformation that has swept across all industry sectors means that every business is now a software business. As such, it needs to protect the development process by building security into it, without sacrificing speed and agility that keep your product competitive. However, many organizations still lag behind, when it comes to building security into their software development life cycle (SDLC). Too many development teams still think of security as a bottleneck - a problem that forces them to rework code they thought had been completed. This waste of time prevents them from developing new features. However, insecure software puts your business at increasing risk. New features are not going to protect you or your customers, if your product is open to exploitation by hackers. Your team needs to integrate security by developing secure software processes that enable, rather than inhibit, delivery of high-quality highly secure products. The later a bug or a vulnerability is found in the SDLC, the more expensive it becomes to fix. When a bug is found late in the cycle, developers must drop the work they are doing, and go back to revisit a code they may have written weeks ago. Even worse, when a bug is found in production, the code gets sent all the way back to the beginning of the SDLC. This service addresses these problems by fine tuning current organization's CICD process; identifies critical points where security measures must be addressed; and creates a process which can easily be adopted and supported by R&D teams.


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