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Security Stack Optimization

Our tools and service will optimize your stack and reduce costs on security.

Service Description

This service offers the following analysis: Understanding threat surface If you are unaware of your vulnerabilities, you might be paying for products that you do not actually have. When you fully understand what you are trying to protect, it is easier to choose the right tools for the task. To determine your threat surface, it helps to break it down into two parts: ​The digital threat surface consists of things like cloud services, software and web applications. It also includes confidential data such as intellectual property (IP) and personally identifiable information (PII). The physical threat surface consists of tangible equipment such as desktop computers, laptops, phones, tablets, servers, and routers. Creating an inventory of security tools As your threat surface evolves and cyber criminals orchestrate new ways to attack, it is easy to fall into the habit of adding a product to address each emerging risk. This has led to cyber security “tool sprawl” — the appearance of increasingly large and complex stacks. ​Determining the true value of each tool The next step is to critique each product and determine whether it’s worth the investment. We will do this by evaluating each tool according to the following questions: ​Does each tool have a distinct purpose? Are any redundant? Are any products no longer needed to protect current threat surface? Is my stack manageable? Do we have in-house resources to maintain these products? Are these tools producing alert fatigue? Would a managed solution make more financial sense?


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