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Security Services

Security Stack Optimization

If your stack keeps growing while your security posture stays the same (or worse - weakens), it is time to reevaluate what is in your toolkit. There are three reasons why you may not see the return you anticipated, despite having a healthy security budget:

•  Overlapping cyber security technologies

•  Unmanageable complex tools

•  Technologies that cannot integrate effectively


Micro-segmentation is an architectural approach that divides a network into multiple segments or subnets, each acting as its own small network. This allows network administrators to control traffic flow between subnets, based on granular policies.

The service reviews the organization’s different operations, and designs a secure segmentation model.

Secure Development Life Cycle

The digital transformation that has swept across all industry sectors means that every business is now a software business. As such, it needs to protect the development process by building security into it, without sacrificing speed and agility that keep your product competitive.

This service addresses these problems by fine-tuning current organization's CICD process; identifies critical points where security measures must be addressed; and creates a process which can easily be adopted and supported by R&D teams.

Data Classification

Regulations and standards require organizations to maintain a data protection program. This task can be challenging, if the data is not classified and if locations of sensitive data relays are unknown.

Data security violations occur when organizations do not know their data, including where it lives and how it needs to be protected. To “know your data” means understanding where all sensitive data is located.

Zero-Trust Architecture

Zero-Trust security architectures are based on not trusting anyone or anything on your network. This means that access is not granted without the network knowing exactly who the user is. Moreover, every access attempt by any entity must be validated at multiple points throughout the network to make sure no unauthorized entity is moving vertically into or laterally within the network without being detected.

The purpose of micro-perimeters (ZTNA) and micro-segmentation is to restrict traffic flow and limit user privileges & access as much as possible.

Security Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is about setting long-term goals, establishing directions and constraints that guide tactical achievement of these aims, and identifying assets and capabilities that the organization needs in order to execute the plan.

A clear and concise security strategic plan allows executives and employees to see where they are expected to go, focus their efforts in the right direction and know when they have accomplished their goals.

Cloud Transformation

Cloud migration is the process of moving applications, data, or even the whole enterprise IT infrastructure to remote server facilities and a virtual environment. The advantages of cloud migration are notable.

This service reviews cloud intended workload and legacy architecture; identifies risks to cloud migration operation; provides a list of recommended security controls and a desired architecture diagram; and identifies the cloud provider model (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) that best fits your business model.


Industry Insights & News

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Our Unique Products and Tools

Micro Segmentation

Security Stack Calculator

This tool analyzes your organization's set of security tools processes and controls against NIST 800-53 list of capabilities, and calculates the security coverage. We utilize this calculator to identify security gaps and overlapping controls, in order to reduce security costs.

Data Classification Tagging

This tool runs on the organization storage OS and adds four attributes to each file. These attributes (represented as bits) indicate the file classification. A value of 1 indicates the classification type.

ZEST Solution

This tool is the first-to-market risk resolution platform, aligning risk visibility with explicit resolution paths, empowering security and DevOps for effective risk resolution at scale, consistently meeting your risk SLA without delay.

Customers Success Stories


The largest online Global Physicians' Community platform enables physicians worldwide to talk real-world medicine and collaborate in solving patient cases. ​

G-Med​ is compliant with both HIPAA & GDPR, and needed to create a consistent process that identifies and tags all sensitive information, wherever it resides across the organization. 

That is where KaratSec entered. We built a classification model that fits the organization data; defines levels of sensitivity, risks they present, and compliance regulations that protect them; and finally, applies tags to data storage identifying data classification.

Knowing where the sensitive data resides, allows the organization to concentrate on protecting sensitive data rather than wasting effort on other data types.

With over twenty years of expertise in offensive and defensive security, I stand at the forefront of security innovation, blending strategic insight with a business-driven approach to unlock growth and success. My prowess in cloud security transforms SaaS products into strong and resilient tools for facing today’s threat landscape, engaging risks, and driving impactful mitigation. Renowned for crafting sophisticated strategies and solving complex challenges, I guide brands through the cloud transformation age with precision and forward-thinking leadership, setting new benchmarks in security excellence.

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